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Ever since the beginning of the first age of memory there have been three types of creatures.                                                                                                                                                                 The Humans the only creatures who posses sentience, souls, and Magic, Gods power in the hands of man.                                                                                                                                Animals, creatures that only follow their instincts.                                                                          And Monsters cruel perversions of life who exist only to destroy and who posses a twisted and dark form of the Magic possessed by Humans...

At least that is what Humanity honestly believed... Until the year 2064 of the First Age, when a young man named Gospel hailing from a small island near the Calamity Storm, a never-ending storm that surrounds the edge of the planet, claimed that Monsters possessed sentience as well as Humans, and were able to think, feel, and even learn Human language, his claims created a great unrest, and so the five greatest Kings of the time confronted him and offered him tremendous wealth if he'd admit it was a lie and move somewhere far away... He refused them, so the Kings sent an army to kill him, but the Monsters and some of the Humans who believed in him rose up to try and protect him and a war broke out, during all the fighting a great hero rose up from among the Humans and seemingly killed Gospel in what became one of the last battles of the war... Now in the wake of that war, a young mage who believes he's lost everything and everyone he cared about finds himself  suddenly reunited with  his Wife and  blackmailed by someone who's discovered a secret from his past.


Gospel of the Land Cleared by Fire ver 1.3 445 MB
Distribution folder.7z 445 MB


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Secret Santa Review – Gospel of the land Cleared by Fire

The title is nice, but as soon as I start a new game, half of the screen turns black, I thought "maybe if I keep playing it will resolve?" 

I'm sorry to say that it didn't work; I tried to keep playing but it's difficult to win battles only with attack (you can try to use skills but without seeing the buttons that you have to press, it's impossible).

I downloaded both files and it's always the same, I really hope for you that it's only my computer because the first minutes of the game seems really nice, and I would like to play the game.

That's very strange (and worrisome) would you mind posting a screenshot? The game seems to function fine on my end, what version of Windows are you running it on? I'd like to fix this but without the error occurring on my end, and without knowing what you're running it on it's gonna be tough to fix :(

And I have Windows 8.1

(1 edit)

unfortunately I'm at work and thus can't really test anything, however I did a few quick Google searches and while I didn't find anything about half the screen going black, Rpg Maker games not working on Win 8 isn't ENTIRELY uncommon, so maybe you can search some solutions :/

EDIT: Found this on the Rpg maker forums "This person was having this exact same issue, @Andar said "Most likely a problem with either the browser or your display driver. Please updatew your display driver (MV uses OGL, not DX - so an older OGL library in your display driver can be a problem even if DX-Games work without problems) and test if the same happens if you start the project's index.html directly with Firefox or so." on that post.

But looking back on the post itdoesn't seem it's been resolved.